Autism services for parents, carers and social workers

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You’ve exhausted all your options and you don’t know what else to do.

Sandra is a good, determined parent but she is stressed out. Her children are all growing up and leaving home apart from one, Timothy, who has autism and anxiety. Sandra spends more time than she should trying to get the support he needs to get out of the house and she is beginning to sink into depression. His Social Worker is desperate to help but she is also at a loss as to what services to turn to.

Paul has tried everything he can think of to get his intelligent autistic niece, Millie, a job. He has struggled to find appropriate workplace environments suitable for her sensory issues and autistic traits. He fears there are no options left.  

Melanie’s son, Kyle, is having repeated meltdowns at school. She has been fighting to get him an Educational Health Care Plan for six months. School is finding it difficult to accommodate him and Melanie is considering home schooling, since she has experience teaching autistic children. She is reluctant to do this as she feels mainstream education is vital for the development of his social skills.

Aspiedent Services

Aspiedent provides a friendly and informal initial consultation to find out from your perspective what the issues are. This will help reduce any stress you may be experiencing straight away, as we explain to you what autism help we can offer. Often you are far from alone in your position as we provide you with examples of how we have helped others in your position.

It may be that you would benefit from our Autism Understanding Training, as once you understand the underlying issues you will then know what to do to help your autistic child or adult. Alternatively, the way to improving things for yourself and your autistic child or adult may be for them to undergo an autism profile, so we can get to the bottom of their specific autistic issues, make helpful recommendations and suggest suitable autism strategies.

Whatever the approach, all Aspiedent’s services for parents/carers and autistic people are underpinned by a unique system, which is used not only to explain autism and neurodiversity, but everybody in general. This means you will learn a lot about yourself and your own unique traits at the same time as helping your autistic child or adult.

Aspiedent’s services equip those like Sandra, Paul and Melanie with the tools to resolve the issues with Timothy, Millie and Kyle. They are pleased to find that some of these autism resources and the autism information learned from Aspiedent can be used to improve their own lives too.

Unique Insights

It is no secret that having autism in your life without understanding it fully can be difficult.

Aspiedent is a neurodiverse organisation which genuinely understands the challenges that autism and neurodiversity can present to individuals and families. You will not be judged. Our services are delivered by Dr Elizabeth Guest (BSc,PhD, PGCHE) who is autistic and a autism experts.

Enjoy a flexible, bespoke, and focused approach and be provided with the attention you need in your circumstances.

We can help you make a positive difference to the situation.

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“Dr Guest’s vast knowledge and sharing of strategies: anecdotal evidence and references, has given me greater understanding of autism and signposts for further personal development. I have been and will continual to be refer parents, friends and colleagues to Dr Guest, as a means for them to gain from her expertise and experience.”


Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Richmond House School

“I am a lot better at socialising and am less anxious in some situations.”

Autistic adult

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