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It’s hard enough managing a class of learners without having to worry about whether you are meeting special education needs.

How are you supposed to design and implement autism strategies when you are not sure what the underlying issues are for your pupil? There can be many factors at play in autism and most often it is a combination of more than one. This is also the case for other forms of neurodiversity such as ADHD.

Managing a classroom as well as ensuring full inclusion for autistic learners is not for the faint-hearted.

That is where Aspiedent comes in.

We can help you learn how to quickly and effectively figure out the underlying causes of the autistic symptoms in individual pupils so you know how to accommodate. We have been told that our three hour introductory Understanding Autism Training delivered by our autistic autism expert and qualified post-graduate level teacher, Dr Elizabeth Guest (BSc, PhD, PGCHE), has provided more help for Teachers than two day autism conferences they have attended.

We offer advice about your individual autistic students during the training.  The cost-effective benefit of Aspiedent’s training is that upon receiving full training, staff are then able to apply the knowledge over and over again when teaching autistic children in future. Participants are also provided with an autism checklist and guidance notes in certain sessions to help with specific aspects of their student’s autism such sensory issues and improving behaviour for autism.

For those students who need help developing their social skills, we encourage their teachers or support workers to attend a further session on teaching social skills to autistic people (from the autistic perspective).  This reduces the fear and confusion around how, what and when to teach those with ASD about social skills.

Aspiedent is a neurodiverse organisation and genuinely understands the challenges that neurodiversity, for example ADHD and autism, can present to the classroom.

We can help you make a positive difference to your classroom and your autistic learners.

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I can apply more understanding in working with people who have autism - the emotions left everywhere, not nice sometimes - but a revelation to me

 I feel more aware of the vast number of interactions and perception which a person who has autism faces and has to deal with. I can use ways of helping students to cope, which will be more effective, because of this training”.

Learning Support Advisor, Kirklees College. 

We were encouraged to put ourselves in the shoes of an autistic child. This has helped me understand the children I work with much better. [I will] inform other staff for greater understanding and look at and analyse the children I work with to see what their hypo/hyper senses are

Reception Teacher (mainstream), Fagley Primary School.

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