Profiling Tool Training

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Whether you are helping people in the context of education, employment or health and social care, having the ability to deploy autism resources such as this profiling tool will be highly valuable and complimentary to your work. It could even be difference between the success and failure of the effectiveness of your work with certain people.

The Autism Profiling Tool training equips participants to better understand and look after autistic or neurodiverse people they work with. Importantly, it also enlightens them as to why problems may occur for a particular autistic or neurodiverse person and help them devise solutions to these problems which work

This tool enables participants to identify the underlying causes for all autistic symptoms and autistic behaviour so that they can provide the correct autism help. This autism profiling tool can actually be used on anybody with or without autism to understand them better.

The training will teach participants how to apply the profiling tool in their organisation. This means that they will be able to repeatedly apply it to the autistic or neurodiverse people they may work with.

There will be case studies to analyse, meaning that participants can practice their sensory and cognitive profiling skills with Dr Elizabeth Guest’s help and begin to work towards finding appropriate interventions or accommodations for each neurodiverse condition. In addition, if they have people they are struggling with, we will help them analyse the underlying difficulties for that person and help them devise solutions.

The training is five days spread over several months and can be done 1-2-1 or in groups. Participants will be given a range of comprehensive guidance and checklists which they can use in their own practice.

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