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Aspiedent's Ethos and Approach

While there is a place for autism support for autistic adults and young people, we are not a support organisation or autism support group.  We are interested in moving people forwards. This enables independence giving people more power over their own future. Our work has been shown to improve the wellbeing of autistic people. We provide a bridge between autism support services and the outside world.

Our Approach

Aspiedent’s approach is unique. We have a true understanding of autism. This understanding has been built by Dr Elizabeth Guest (BSc,PhD, PGCHE) through extensive research, reading personal accounts of autism, insights from working with autistic people, observations from the autistic perspective and personal experience of being autistic. Due to this, you know that you will be in the best hands whether you are an autistic adult, a teacher with autistic pupils, or a parent or carer of a person with autism. 

We don’t get hung up on terminology such as what is the best way to describe somebody with autism, aspergers or asd. Our approach to autism is different: we do not fully subscribe to either the  ‘Social Model’ or ‘Medical Model’ of disability, but seek a more constructive way that helps move people forward.  We acknowledge that being autistic can be very difficult in a predominantly non-autistic world. We also believe that autism is a disability. However, this does not stop us encouraging autistic people to be the best autistic people they can be.

We are a research-based, learning organisation that prides itself on excellence and innovation. This means that we are constantly updating and improving our services. If you work with us, you will always experience the best of what there is to offer in the realm of autism resources.

Our team are good professionals, meaning you will never be subjected to anything other than good practice. Aspiedent is an autistic organisation built on the foundations of integrity therefore you can trust us fully. You can also depend on us to always deliver what we say we will.

We value difference and always welcome different opinions. The autism training courses and consultancy we offer are therefore products of many brains (including autistic ones!) giving you a high quality, balanced service.

Finally, we value hard work. We put a lot of effort in to make our services the best they can be for you.